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02. About Me

Hello I'm Jack, has been engaged in ASIC miner maintenance for 10 years. I have rich practical experience in Antminer repair, Avalon repair, power supply repair and graphics card repair. Good at explaining principles with faults, infer faults with principles, and be able to propose targeted solutions for miner kernel logs and faults.
ZMRC provides online technical support for ASIC miner repair. When you learn the online maintenance course, if you do not understand or have problems, you can find professional maintenance personnel here to answer your questions. We have experienced maintenance masters who are good at hash board repair, control board repair, and power supply repair, and they will patiently solve the problem for you. Choose a repair technician and start your consultation!

With the increasing number of professional ASIC mining farms worldwide, the industry has an increasing demand for professional ASIC miner repair personnel. According to the incomplete statistics of ZEUS MINING's sales department, thousands of faulty hash boards accumulated in the three mining farms that we cooperate with in the United States, but there are very few professional maintenance men. The scarcity of ASIC repair men has led to higher and higher repair costs for hash boards. ZEUS MINING learned that the cost of repairing an Antminer S19 hash board in the United States had reached hundreds of dollars. The high repair cost has far exceeded that of mobile phone or computer repair. Therefore, more and more beginners who do not have the basics of miner maintenance want to systematically learn how to repair ASIC miners.

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